Visiting your Gynecologist

As gynecologists, our goal is to understand your unique circumstances and tailor treatments to you.

Annual Well Woman Exam

We recommend you have a well-woman exam every year. It’s an annual physical and discussion about your health. Your well-woman exam is tailored to your age, health history, family health history, and needs for preventive screenings. In addition, your gynecologist works hard to stay up to date with new research in gynecology to bring to your care. Coming in for an annual well-woman exam is your best and easiest way to get access to the benefits of that research.

Start Exams in Adolescence

Annual exams should start when a girl reaches 13-15 years old, once she starts menstruating. Your gynecologist will include a pelvic exam if a girl is having specific problems or is sexually active. While there are many benefits to an annual exam for girls when they’re adolescents, we believe that the biggest benefit is developing the habit of seeing a gynecologist regularly and talking about issues that are on her mind when it comes to her reproductive health and sexuality. Our gynecologists see a number of teens annually and are experienced in treating these conversations respectfully and carefully.
Our Gynecology Services
A gynecologist holding a pap smear tool

Pap Smears and Why They’re Important

Testing for cervical cancer and for abnormal cell changes that could lead to cancer is done by your doctor with a Pap smear, also called a Pap test. It’s a routine procedure done at your gynecologist’s office in which cells are scraped from your cervix, the opening of your uterus, in order to test them for abnormal growth… Read more

7 Signs it’s Time to See Your Gynecologist

Visiting your OBGYN is something you know you have to do on an annual basis, but there are times when you may feel like something about your body doesn’t seem exactly right. Whenever you have womanly concerns that a gynecologist may be able to help you sort out, you shouldn’t hesitate to call or make an appointment… Read more

Recommendations for Using Birth Control Safely When You’re Finished Having Children

When you have decided you are finished having children, you don’t want to worry about getting pregnant each month. There are a variety of options for both long-term and permanent birth control. The best gynecologist will be happy to discuss all possible options for the safe use of birth control and offer recommendations… Read more