COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) Office Policy
We review and update this bulletin regularly. Please check back for updates.

As we continue to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic we offer the following update. Although we will continue to be vigilant the following are positive steps toward more stable routines in the care we provide our patients.

Labor & Delivery

Back to normal midwife and MD coverage for deliveries!! The NorthShore Covid team coverage schedule will end on May 13. Beginning May 14, we will return to coverage within our NSAGO provider group. All MD patients will be seen by NSAGO physicians and all midwife patients will have 100% CNM availability for labor support, deliveries and post-partum care.

Gynecology Visits

Beginning May 18 we will see scheduled annual, routine and well GYN visits at both our offices. As with OB patients, we will continue our calls prior to visits for symptom screening and you will have questionnaire prior to your visit. Please plan to wear a mask to the office and arrive alone. You can have a family member ‘join’ your visit by phone or Facebook if you wish. If you prefer to have a chaperone in the exam room, please feel free to ask and a nurse will be happy to help.

Office Visits for Obstetric Care

Newly pregnant visits and post-partum visits will continue on schedule with the above screening and mask requirements. If you do not have a mask one will  be provided for you when you arrive. We still ask that you arrive alone for the office visits.

Ultrasound Exception

Patients may have their partner come into the office for ultrasound exams. We ask that they also abide by the screening and mask requirements as well as wait in the car until you are called to enter the ultrasound room.

Gynecology Surgery

We are able to schedule elective surgical cases again!. If you have been waiting to schedule a new or postponed elective surgery please call and come in for pre-op visit. Obviously, if there are new worrisome symptoms or concerns of any kind please call and come in.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with this unpredictable event. Also check our website periodically for further updates.

Your Providers and staff at NSAGO